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How to know if Hairloom is the right salon for you

Picking the right salon for your needs can be a tricky process. Everything from cost considerations, quality of service to skill and professionalism of stylists …

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Help! I need to fix my hair!

Can you save my hair? We often get requests from customers to fix hair that has been damaged, or cut in a way that was …

Terence Lai - Leading Stylist Goldwell ColorZoom Hair Colouring
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Hair colouring FAQ: 5 Things to Know Before Colouring Your Hair at a Salon

Want to achieve that beautiful pink or purple hair? Or are you about to embark on your first hair coloring experience? Here are some things …

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Goldwell ColorZoom 2018

We regularly take part in competitions like the Goldwell ColorZoom 2018 competition to showcase our creative skills. It’s also often a great opportunity to push …

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Best Value for Money Services at Hairloom

We’re turning 10, and we want the celebration to last all year round Best value for money services in April 2018: Regular customers: Enjoy 10% off perm; …