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Hairloom Lore

In 2008, I started Hairloom as a way to offer customers the best in the craft of hairstyling. 

The skills we hone here are like valuable heirlooms, passed down from hand to hand. 

At Hairloom, we are dedicated to quality and constantly improving, growing, and evolving to serve you better.

-Calvin Gan

Founder of Hairloom

We feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to share our work in well-known local and regional magazines.

We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with our customers for over ten years, helping them achieve their desired style.


Our team is our family, and it is this spirit of familial warmth and care that we extend to all our customers.

We hope that you will always look forward to returning to Hairloom.


We take pride in always offering cutting-edge custom services.

Our team is committed to excellence in our craft, and constantly improves through yearly seminars, trainings, and competitions.


We are always pushing the envelope.

The hairstyles we create are unique and tailored to each individual who walks in through our doors.

Meet the hairloom family

Artists with whom we have collaborated


with us, you’ll always feel at home

A play on ‘heirloom’, Hairloom represents a commitment to craft and creativity, with skills handed down and growing in strength with each passing year.

Our team comprises creative stylists, chemical, and technical experts.

Each Hairloom stylist has been impeccably trained, and is dedicated to honing their craft to perfection.

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