We hope you'll feel at home with us.

Our team is made up of creative stylists, chemical and technical experts. Together, we create looks for you that are timeless and unique.

Meet Your Stylists

Calvin Gan

Creative Director

Calvin started Hairloom in December 2008 and has more than 20 years of experience under his belt. Trained in the Vidal Sassoon cutting technique, his precise, clean and creative style is one of the best kept secrets in the salon scene in Singapore.

Samuel is always eager to help clients attain the look of their dreams, and winning their trust in the process. He’s passionate about how hair can dramatically transform a look, and loves to do so through changing up their hair texture.


Fern Wong

Chemical Expert

Fern is an expert at the art and science of blending just the right of chemicals to create the perfect colour, curl or texture for your hair.

Shaylynn Lim

Technical Expert

Lynn’s expertise lies in her magical head massages, and her ability to set the perfect perm, curl or colour.

Ruth Yau


Ruth is the friendly face of our salon, always here to lend a hand and make your experience at Hairloom a comfortable and restorative one.


Jinni Liao

Business Manager

She keeps everything running smoothly, and looks after Hairloom’s growth and development.

Benjamin Leow

Salon Manager

Benjamin looks after day-to-day operations and ensures customers’ needs are always met.

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