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We're thrilled to assist you with your booking

Our warm and welcoming receptionist is waiting to assist you with your booking and answer any queries you might have.

Your experience with us is our top priority, and we’re genuinely excited to have you visit our salon soon.

Just give us a call at +6295 2088 or feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp at +8876 4287.

Thank you!

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  • First off, if you haven’t already made an appointment, you may call us at 6295 2088 during our opening hours.

    During our off-hours, you can reach us via  whatsapp at +65 8876 4287.
  • When you arrive at the salon, one of our staff will greet you and will make sure you’re comfortably settled in. You will be served beverages of your choice as well as magazines to flip through at your leisure – and high speed wifi for all your social media and surfing needs, of course!


  • Next, your stylist will consult with you on your desired look. You may already have something in mind – so feel free to bring inspiration photos!


  • If you are open to it, your stylist may also suggest looks that you will look good in. These suggestions will be tailored according to your lifestyle, personality, personal style, face shape and more.


  • Sometimes these may be looks that you never imagined you would be able to carry off – but you’d be surprised! All our stylists have extensive experience working with different hair types, textures and face shapes, so they have an eye for what works for each individual. We encourage all our clients to experiment but we are never pushy about it. It will always be up to you.


  • Our stylists will then carefully explain to you how they will execute the look.


  • Then, this will be followed by a relaxing hair wash (depending on the service you’ve requested, sometimes the hair wash comes later), and the cutting experience will begin.


  • If you’re getting chemical services done, that can take a few hours, depending on your hair length and texture. For example, sometimes lightening and colouring can take up to 3-5 hours or more if you desire a really cool-toned colour. Hair treatments can take at least an hour to 90 minutes.


  • Stylists will then offer advice and styling tips to help you re-create your look each day.

Enjoy your new hair cut! We want your positive experience to extend beyond the salon visit. Which is why, if there are any issues, we will be more than happy to examine your hair.

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