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While bobs don’t ever go out of style, the sleek centre-parted bob is having a moment. 

Whatever your feelings are about her, Kim Kardashian has been seen just last month sporting a short, sleek bob – and looks great in it. 

Jennifer Lopez also recently debuted a slightly longer, shoulder skimming bob. She’s not exactly your typical 50-year-old woman, but it does prove that this look has a lot of wearability for mature women! She joins a long list of younger celebrities who also love this look. (We’re looking at you, Kylie Jenner, model Fiona Fussi.)

Of course, on our side of the world, we’re more likely to be influenced by Asian celebs and style sensibilities. Cool-girl Lauren Tsai has always been sporting this classic look.

The blunt bob is usually given a softer treatment by Koreans, who tend to curl the ends in towards the face, framing the jawline. This is a softer, feminine look for those who prefer their hairstyles to match their own sense of style. Korean celeb Yoona looks fresh faced here with her chin-length bob.


Bobs have always been known for their versatility, as well as its flexibility – long or short, they all have their own charm. It’s also deceptively simple – a bob is often characterized by hair cut to a single length all around – but does require quite a lot of skill and experience to perfect. That’s why it’s important to go a stylist you can trust, because your bob hairstyle must be customized to suit your face and head shape, jawline, and hair texture. No two bobs are created equal! 

If you’re looking for a bob hairstyle especially customized for you, we’re here for a free consultation. Make your appointment today.

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