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Perhaps this is your usual scenario: wondering why your hair just can’t be tamed, why it can’t lay down flat, why it’s so poofy, or feeling envy over why your hair just isn’t like your friend’s – silky, straight and smooth.

Have you ever considered that you may just have wavy, curly hair, and you just haven’t been taught to take care of it properly? Many Asians have naturally straight hair, but there is a significant group of us who do have naturally curly or wavy hair!

However, because it’s the norm to see straight and sleek hair, curly haired boys and girls tend to think that their hair is some kind of unruly straight hair that isn’t behaving. That’s far from the truth. Wavy and curly hair just require different hair care techniques, routine and products. It’s time to break the stereotype and belief that straight hair is the only type of hair, especially for Asians.
One popular example is Korean American actor, Sandra Oh, who rocks her natural curls throughout the series, Grey’s Anatomy.

Asian hair definitely does tend to be thick. The cross-sectional area of East Asian hair fibers averages about 30% larger than that of Africans and 50% larger than that of Europeans.

So what can you do about it?

Don’ts for Curly or Wavy Hair

  • Do not brush it – brushing will only bring out the frizziness
  • Don’t use water to try to tame it, this will only dry out your hair

The key is to use the right products and techniques, and to help hair retain moisture. Reddit has a resource /r/curlyhair with a great beginner’s guide to taking care of curly or wavy hair. The guide helps those who are ready to step away from heat styling and straightening, and who want to embrace their natural hair textures. This is a journey that may require you to change up many of your beliefs and practices!

P.S. this routine is also recommended for those with chemically curled hair!

It’s recommended that wavy/curly hair care products do not contain sulfates or silicones. Conditioner is important to help hair retain moisture and shine. Technique is important : for example, squishing hair upwards while conditioning to form clumps of curls or waves instead of simply running your fingers through your hair.

Need help styling your wavy/curly hair? Make an appointment with us today to find out more!
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