Colour fiends who want to maintain their gorgeous hues, we feel you. It can be a lot of work to keep your lightened hair looking healthy, but it needn’t be a hassle if you’re able to take some pre-emptive steps.

Do a treatment even before you undergo the bleaching process

At Hairloom, we call ours the Reconstructing Treatment, or the Olaplex treatment. Developed by scientists, it’s specially formulated to multiply hair bonds and cross-link broken bonds. As a chemical, it’s free of silicone or oils, and is perfectly safe for hair.

By linking broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services (perm, bleaching, colouring), our Reconstructing Treatment makes your hair even stronger than it was before. Find out more about the treatment, and what it entails, here.

Using the right towel is key.

That’s because bleaching hair leaves the cuticles open, and using a regular towel to dry your hair can make it prone to frizziness and breakage.

Investing in a microfiber towel for your hair – whether or not you’ve had it chemically processed – is always a good decision, since the ultra-soft, absorbent qualities of microfiber helps strands maintain their natural texture without frizzing or damage. But when your hair is especially at risk for breakage, it’s essential.

Shampoo less, (or maybe co-wash!) especially in the first three weeks.

Hair is already weak and susceptible to breakage, and shampoo tends to strip the cuticle even more. Depending on your hair type, you may even want to consider co-washing, or using conditioner only to wash your hair.

How does co-washing work? Conditioners contain mostly oils and moisturizing agents. Scientifically speaking, like dissolves like, which means that oil will dissolve oil, removing excess oils from your hair.

The result is that hair will not be stripped entirely of its natural oils like shampoo does. By skipping shampoo your hair will also, over time, stop overproducing oil and balance out its own oil production. But do avoid using conditioner near your roots as it could make your roots look really greasy.  Rinse out your hair thoroughly at the end.

Don’t forget a weekly leave-in treatment.

Do a leave-in treatment weekly for an extra moisture boost. Speak to your stylist the next time you visit Hairloom for a customized recommendation!

Using a treatment with protein and moisture can help especially porous, fragile hair. This helps to rebuild strength and shine.

Ready for your healthy and hydrated hair? With some simple steps, your hair will be shiny and glowing in no time.

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