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Love to colour your hair, but worried about damaging it?

Our newest treatment – Reconstructing Treatment – will take care of all those worries.

Marketed as ‘Insurance for Your Hair’, our Reconstructing Treatment uses the product Olaplex. Developed by scientists, it’s specially formulated to multiply hair bonds and cross-link broken bonds. As a chemical, it’s free of silicone or oils, and is perfectly safe for hair. By linking broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services (perm, bleaching, colouring), Restructuring Treatment makes your hair even stronger than it was before.

It works on every hair type, from Asian to Caucasian, straight to curly. For those who love to change their look constantly, this product is a game changer! 

But of course, we didn’t just listen to the hype. We tested it out in the salon ourselves. Here’s Jinni, who went through intense bleaching and coloring. She switched her hair colour within five days (typically a no-no), yet her hair quality is still pristine. After 6 sessions of bleaching, her hair is neither fried nor frizzy, and in good condition.

We always test out products before launching it in the salon, so that we can be sure we’re only offering you services of the highest quality!



This look is from our Fall 2015 Colour Collection.Olaplex2


Winter 2015 Colour Collection

Reconstructing treatment was done before and after bleaching sessions.

Having a great hair colour or perm just doesn’t look as good when hair quality and texture is compromised in the process. Now, you don’t have to compromise. Take good care of your hair and you’ll be rewarded with a great look, every day. Be prepared to turn heads!

There are plenty of reviews available online about the Olaplex treatment, feel free to do some research before committing to it. Prices start from S$130. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 62952088 to find out more about it!

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