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Guest post by our Hairloom ambassador, Jemimah Wei. Views & words reflected within this post are solely hers. Visit her site here and her IG here.

Jemma Wei for Hairloom

How many months has it been since my life was changed forever?

Only four. This comes as a shock to me – but it’s true: I stepped into Hairloom for the first time last September by recommendation of a close friend, and havent looked back since.

When committing to a salon I look at their customers. Two of the people I know personally (Roz and Shu An) who I feel always have the most on-point hair both go to Hairloom, and this sealed the deal for me. The heads of their regulars are the best testimonial a salon can possibly get, and if their customers look consistently good, then it doesn’t matter to me if the salon is located at the back alley of a dodgy street, or in a decrepit building falling in on itself – I’d still brave all that for one good cut. And thank God – Hairloom has the benefit of being amazing both service and location wise.

Jemma Wei for Hairloom

I’ve basically gone all the way with Hairloom – I’ve done cut, color, styling, treatments, and the works over the past four months with them. But the thing that left the greatest impression on me from the very start was how great they made my hair look with just one quick haircut. Nothing schmancy. Just a haircut. But oh – what a difference it made!

For context: I style my hair every single day before leaving the house. It normally takes me about thirty minutes – but after my first snip snip with Hairloom, I’ve never taken more than ten.

Jemma Wei for Hairloom

How is that possible? You ask. I don’t actually know for sure. But Calvin did something for me that he calls the invisible disconnect, or inverted triangle haircut. Without compromising too much on length, it gave my hair more body, more volume, more shape, and most importantly, the way my hair fell after the cut made it incredibly easy to style. And every morning, when I get that extra twenty minutes of sleep – I privately murmur my thanks to Hairloom.

I’ve always maintained that finding a good stylist is like finding the perfect spouse – hair is such an intimate thing, don’t you think? A good cut brings you further than a full face of make up. And just like mastering the perfect scrambled egg, it’s surprisingly difficult to find someone who understands you well enough to do the most basic of hair services – the cut – well.

Don’t get me wrong – everything else I’ve done at Hairloom thus far has exceeded my expectations. A plus plus. And, I love everyone there: it’s a salon chock full of warm, happy people. But I’m just saying – it’s nice to know that you dont always have to do a gazillion things to your hair before it looks passably decent. Sometimes a good cut is all it takes.

Jemma Wei for Hairloom Salon

To many more years ahead, Hairloom. x


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