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So you don’t have a 50’s up-do. Why would you need a VS haircut then?

1. Your haircut lasts longer. Saving you money in between cuts!

Sassoon haircuts are tailored meticulously. Many people aren’t aware that our heads often have little bumps and indents, which is why you might have noticed some haircuts becoming uneven after some time. The VS technique takes this into account, with stylists assessing and measuring the size and shape of your head, so that when your hair grows out, it grows out evenly. This helps the cut last longer, saving you trips to the salon.

2. It saves you time

VS haircuts emphasize wash & wear, with minimal styling and fussing around. This is great for the busy, modern woman who just wants to get on with other fun things in life!

3. Have thick hair? VS techniques can help you thin your hair

Stylists often thin hair by layering it. Problem is, hair with too many layers become wispy, with flyaway ends, curling up in an annoying way (or well, just too ‘qiao’ – we’ve all been there). Hair needs to have some weight for it to retain its shape and style. Over-layered hair becomes impossible to re-style, meaning you’d just have to wait for it all to grow out before you can change your look again. VS uses a technique called the ‘invisible disconnect’ that combats this problem – with strategically-positioned hidden layers that thin the hair, without removing too much of the precious foundation that keeps it from staying up and looking good.

Backstage at the VS show with Oon Shu An & Hairloom stylists
4. A VS haircut addresses chronic hair problems that goes beyond that one salon visit

Thinning or receding hairline, split ends – any good VS stylist will help you identify them and work to address these issues. Did you know that having a certain parting may exacerbate thinning hairlines? We often recommend and create fringes for ladies who face this issue, so that it helps hair to grow out properly and slow down the recession of your hairline. A good style might also mean using less hair product to tame or control the hair (especially when you have too many layers – see above), which helps keep it healthier in the long run.

One of our #getsassooned looks - the Bauhaus
One of our #getsassooned looks – the Bauhaus
5. You can make a statement that’s uniquely your own.

Tired of the usual brown and red tones? VS uses creative coloring techniques to highlight and emphasize features of the cut, meaning it’ll be tailored just for your look, in ways that you’ve never imagined before. From subtle to bold, you can still have office-friendly looks in the day, with the flexibility to transform into a colourful glamourpuss by night.

Maybe you’d like to check out our #getsassooned packages? Just a week more to go!


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