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What’s the best hair product to have if you could only pick one?

For Fern Wong, our chemical expert, the one hair product she can’t do without… is sticky. Has great holding power. Is versatile. May or may not smell great. Usually comes in a tall skinny can. Keeps your hair in shape… Have you guessed it yet? Yup, it’s hairspray!

Yes, it’s the best hair product to finish off every new hairdo; the last thing you spritz on (or maybe second last, to your perfume/cologne.) before you leave your house. The best ones are light, airy, doesn’t make your hair feel stiff or too sticky, but still keeps your hair in place. It’s the best hair product to have on hand if you’re hard-pressed to only pick one.

“If you don’t have hair wax or gel, using hairspray in place of that will work very well too,” says Fern. “It’s also light and doesn’t weigh hair down.”

It’s no surprise why Fern would pick hairspray, as she is fastidious about keeping her hair neat, sharp and in shape –  it’s the crowning glory of her sleek and polished personal style. While she refuses to divulge her favourite brand name here (you can come visit and ask her yourself!), she says it’s best to avoid those with a too-strong synthetic smell, as having the scent waft around you all day might give you a headache, especially for those who are sensitive. She also prefers mist spray as that distributes the product more evenly and helps a newbie avoid the ‘oops’ moment of over-enthusiastic spraying & helmet head.

Tip: Don’t hold the hairspray too close to your hair – give it about 15cm distance at least, and style as you spray, concentrating on the areas that you want more hold. Especially for those with short hair, it’s great for defining those hair ends and tips of fringes.

But wait, those with long hair and curls would also benefit from hairspray – that’s why it’s known for being versatile. Twist a bunch of curls together, scrunch it up in your fist and give it a good spray – this will help your curls stay, well, curly and bouncy longer. Especially because of our humid weather, hair can quickly go out of shape. Hair spray helps to lock the shape in and prevent humidity from wrecking your meticulously done up ‘do.

Why Fern Recommends Hairspray:
  • Versatile
  • Great for short & long hair
  • You can style as you spray
  • Keeps hair in place & in shape in humid weather

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