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Guest post by our Hairloom ambassador, Willabelle Ong. Views & words reflected within this post are solely hers. Visit her site here and her IG here.

We all know strong hair is the base for any great hair colour, or look for that matter. Certainly, I’m one to always take up the opportunity to go through life as a blonde, or a redhead, but those days of bleaching, hair coloring and heat styling have haunted me for years.


I even dismissed the idea of dyeing my hair again for an entire year. That is, until I paid a visit to the Hairloom salon chair. My very talented stylist established that if we were to use the balayage technique, he would also incorporate the Olaplex three-step system into the colour mix.

Simply put, the Olaplex treatment is a reconstructing treatment that is all the rage right now. It is basically a miracle product for my heavily bleached hair as it reconnects hair bonds and is especially silicone and oil-free. When Olaplex is used in bleach, what it does is mitigate a percentage of that damage – bonds are being repaired while bonds are being broken, thus lightening the damage while softening and revitalizing the hair.


During the process, no chemical smells were emitted, and neither did I ever feel a strong tingling sensation on the scalp. A few rinses and blow-dry’s later, my hair is weightless and has a mirror-like shine, and even after a number of washes by yours truly, my hair is just as soft and strong as on the first day.

What I love most about the treatments and services at Hairloom is that their wonderful stylists take extremely gentle care of my hair – from the washing and application, to the blowing and drying of my hair, they exercise caution during every step and make sure to use the right amount of pressure. And not to mention the stylists are genuine and friendly, and they sincerely cater to requests to the best of their ability – here’s a huge shoutout to Hairloom for always ensuring I never go thirsty or hungry at the salon, and that I’m constantly entertained by magazines and the most engaging conversations.

And so it comes as no surprise that everyone is talking about Olaplex – the so-called “holy grail for colored hair” really lives up to its name, and I’ve been set free from the fear of damaged hair. So now when it comes to changing my looks, I never have to compromise my hair’s integrity and texture!


For your own life-changing hair experience, visit us today.

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