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For those who have been blessed genetically when it comes to their hair, shampoo and conditioner seem to do the trick as far as hair care is concerned. But even for the luckiest among us, elements beyond our control (pollution, humidity), as well as our diets and chemical processes that we put our hair and scalp through often cause damage that can’t be remedied by typical off-the-shelf products. And so this is where hair treatments come in.

Don’t wait till it’s too late.

We usually recommend clients to do a hair treatment every 1 – 1.5 months to keep your hair in tip top condition. In this case, it’s really where prevention is better than cure: don’t wait till your hair is dry or damaged before you attempt to revive it – it may even be too late! When hair is thoroughly dehydrated and brittle, there’s really nothing much anyone can do except wait for it to grow out, and to cut it off. Instead, regular pampering will ensure your hair remains at the peak of its health before it ever reaches that stage.

And this leads us to the next question: which hair treatment is the best or most suitable one for me? At Hairloom, we currently have 5 types of hair treatments, as you can see from our service menu, and we usually recommend our treatments to customers based on the issue they are facing with their hair/scalp.

What’s the process like? Each hair treatment typically involves the application of the product, then a period of leave-in time for the hair to absorb the product completely with the help of heat & steam, before washing off and re-application of the product as needed. All treatments typically take
between 1.5 – 2 hours.

And most importantly, the products we use at Hairloom absolutely do not contain formaldehyde. We’re committed to the health and safety of our customers at Hairloom, and are extremely stringent when it comes to selecting products for use in our salon. So we’re glad savvy customers have been asking us about this, because it shows that everyone’s becoming more aware of toxic chemicals in the things we use and apply on our bodies! And that can only mean better, healthier products for everyone in the long run.

Here’s what we offer at Hairloom:

1. Scalp Treatment

Who is it for? Anyone facing hair loss, dandruff, an imbalance in the sebum level of the scalp (too dry/too oily), red or sensitive skin and damaged hair; this is the one that we recommend highly. The fact is, a healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair, yet is often overlooked.

A relaxing and soothing process, it involves 100% painless peeling and scaling of the scalp, followed by shampooing and infusion of hair tonic with the help of a specialized machine. Definitely a very pleasant and spa-like experience. Specially sourced from Italy, the hair product – Oway – itself is completely free from pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilizers, and is pure and organic, which is something that you don’t often find at most commercial salons!

Scalp and Hair Treatment
Oway Head Spa Experience – pic taken from

2. Intensive Hair Treatment

Also highly recommended. Who is it for? Anyone looking for the most bang for their buck. This treatment encompasses all the effects of the treatments listed from 3 – 5, and provides all-round treatment for your hair. Honestly, it provides the best effect for its value, as your hair will become instantly softer, shinier and this effect visibly lasts for at least 2-3 weeks. It tames frizziness, provides moisture and strength all the way through the hair shaft, and removes build-up of chemicals. We recommend this for customers who want a long-lasting fix for dry hair that’s caused by various issues (over-stressed, too much chemical processes, etc..)

These treatments are more targeted:

3. Hyaluronic Acid Hair Treatment

Who is this for? This treatment specifically provides moisture for dry hair. HA naturally occurs in our bodies and is intensely moisturizing as it is able to penetrate to the second layer of the hair shaft. But if your hair has been coloured before, it might fade the color, so we would recommend either the o3 or the Intensive instead. Effect lasts for up to a month.

4. Keratin Hair Treatment

Who is this for? For those with weak, easy-to-break hair. Keratin is a protein that naturally occurs in your hair and will thus be able to strengthen the hair shaft. This hair treatment seals more of the protein into your hair, tames frizziness and makes your hair more resilient in general.

5. 03 Hair Treatment

Who is this for? This is the simplest treatment that locks in moisture for your hair, especially for those with colored hair. O3 – or ozone – treatment helps to form a layer of protective protein around your hair shaft. By oxidizing your hair shaft, it helps your hair become softer, smoother and minimizes frizziness. It will also not interfere with your hair color, and might even make your dye job last longer, as the protein helps to form a stronger bond between the dye and your hair.


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