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There’s a dizzying array of products and services out there that can care for coloured or permed hair, and sometimes it can be really confusing when it comes down to knowing why and how you use them! (At Hairloom, we send our clients off with products that we carry in-house, specially tailored for their needs. So next time you’re here, just ask!)


Instead of leaving it up to chance or just purely relying on what’s out there in pharmacies off-the-shelf, here are some tips that can help you make informed decisions about what you need, and the steps you can take to keep your coloured or permed hair fresh, bouncy and healthy longer.

Our stylist Reno weighs in


Washing: Be sure to avoid the scalp when using your shampoo. A common mistake is not spreading out your shampoo evenly and only applying it to part of your hair (or worse, scalp!). That tends to leave a greasy patch on your head that’s not great – who wants greasy hair after washing it? We recommend sulphate-free shampoos without harsh stripping agents. Washing it every other day is also ideal – as washing your hair too often strips both your color and natural oils from your scalp, which actually protect your hair and scalp and keep it from getting too greasy. But we understand that not washing your hair regularly in humid Singapore is tough! So be sure to at least avoid using hot water when washing your hair – the cooler the better!

Conditioning/Treatment: Remember, apply conditioner only to your hair ends, avoiding the roots. Leave it on for a minute and rinse off thoroughly – you don’t want to have sticky hair! For hair masks, it’s okay to do it up to twice a week, depending on the condition of your hair.

Fine hair? Use a water-based hair mask, so it doesn’t weigh it down. That’s the rule of thumb for any styling product you use as well.

Thick, curly frizzy hair: Use a cream-based product. Cream-based styling products will also be able to help you control your hair better!

After washing: Towel dry your hair, then apply a serum or a leave-in product. When towel-drying, it’s best to press, pat and squeeze, rather than vigorously rub your hair, which causes hair cuticles to become. Rubbing If you regularly use a hair dryer, be sure to use a heat-protection product before blasting that dryer!

P.S. How well your hair retains colour depends on various factors – other than how well you care for it, which is key – it also depends on how thin/fine your hair is, how porous it is, whether you’ve chemically treated it before in the past… which brings us to our hair treatment advice!

Shopping list

  1. Shampoo – sulfate-free, coloured or treated hair shampoo
  2. Conditioner
  3. Hair mask – water-based for fine hair, cream-based for thick hair
  4. Serum or heat-protection product, if you use a hair dryer or flatiron regularly
  5. Styling product – wax, gel, or clay? 


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