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Hair Clay

Oily, matte, harder to apply and to wash out. It’s heavier and hair might become flat more easily. For: Guys with rougher hair texture, who don’t want any shine – to control hair that might stick up awkwardly.

Hair Gel

It’s heavy, with a wet look & shine. Dries hard. Usually water-based, so to re-style, wet your hands and run them through your hair. For: Those who want to achieve a smart, sleek look or a back comb. It lasts the longest out of the three hair products.
Always use a peanut-sized amount to avoid using too much product in your hair! Spread the product out in your palms before applying to ensure it’s applied evenly.

Hair Wax

  • Soft Wax (or creams)
Soft wax is used to control frizziness, texture. For: Those with loose curls/curly hair to maintain bounce, or lightweight styling with minimal hold for a more natural look.
  • Hard Wax (or mud, paste, fiber)
Hard wax is suited for all hair types, including thin hair. It has a stronger hold as compared to soft wax. It can also provide shine, is easier to wash out compared to hair clay and gel. For: All styling purposes, but with a stronger hold


Hairspray – Look out for hairsprays that are sticky, lightweight, with a fine misty spray that dries easily. Style as you go along. Read an earlier post we’ve written about it here!  
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