201301172204491481 Beauty and fashion are intrinsically linked with pop culture, and trends in hairstyles are no exception. At Hairloom, while we’re all about celebrating individuality, it’s still part of our ethos to constantly keep up with current techniques and looks to offer our customers our full versatility and expertise – especially when we receive specific requests regarding trends. And red-hot right now is the Korean perm: we’re seeing an uptick in the number of people requesting it. Are you interested to find out whether it’s for you? Here are some FAQs that can help you understand the Korean Perm trend! What is Korean Perm and how is it different from the usual perm?
  • What people think of as the Korean Perm is usually achieved through techniques that result in a softer look – the Korean Perm is more natural-looking and feminine, whereas traditional perm techniques would result in curls that look stiff, hard and less ‘natural’ – you’d never mistake those as natural curls or waves. In extreme cases, think: ‘Maggi mee’ hair of the 80s and 90s, while Japanese perm techniques can also result in hair that tends to be dry and frizzy when applied imperfectly. So Korean perm is really all about the technique, and the difference in chemicals and tools used – and best of all, it doesn’t leave your hair dry or frizzy in the process.
  • Korean perm also has a focus on bounciness, volume and framing the face in a flattering manner (i.e. make it look smaller, also achieved through colouring techniques).
  • Perming isn’t all about curls, too. Koreans have even revolutionized rebonding – it’s now known as body rebonding – the hair is still straight, but retains its volume or body. It’s not flat or plastered onto your scalp like what people still tend to think of when they think of rebonding.
  • Another key difference is in its maintenance. Korean perms are famously low-to-no maintenance. There’s virtually no need for after perm care, and lasts really long – up to 6 months or more.
What types of Korean perms are there? Korean perm is usually used to achieve different shapes of curls. –       C curl Often used at the hair ends, C curls curl inwards, creating a gentle, bob-like effect. C curl Korean Perm Korean Perm C Curl –       S wave There’s the soft or hard S – curls that are tight, or looser and more spread out. Korean Perm S wave Korean Perm S wave Will it be suitable for me? Honestly, anyone can do it as long as it suits your personal style. Consider your usual wardrobe, lifestyle and personality. Of course, for the ladies, those who love more feminine looks would probably find Korean perm to be a really appealing option. What’s more, it suits any face shape. Our stylists will be able to advise on an ideal hair length and type of curl that would suit your face best. It’s even unisex – Korean perm is increasingly popular among style-conscious guys, especially those who are seeking a little more volume and are not afraid to experiment a little with their look. Check out our post on flour perm, which is one of our Korean perming techniques. What else do I need to know about it? Korean perm has the ability to change the direction of your hair growth, like when you want to switch up your parting to prevent hair loss at the hairline, for example. Perming the hair allows the hair to grow in a different direction without damaging the roots or causing hair to break. Alright, I think I want to try it out! What’s next? Just come by our salon for a consultation and we’d be able to tailor a look just for you. Typical perming time can take up to 2 – 3 hours max, so be prepared to spend a little time with us! Photos from girls-hairstyle.com, voucherlicious.com and bnt news.
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