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Perming your hair for the first time? Then this technique is for you!

Flour perm might be the answer for those perming hair for the first time

Typically, people perming their hair for the first time, but are still eager to give it a try, often have a few concerns.

Will it be *too* curly? What if it’s too stiff? How long will it last? Will it be hard to manage?

And we understand those worries. So for those who are looking for more natural-looking waves, or a more Korean-style, gentle perm, we usually recommend a technique known as the ‘flour’ perm. (Yes, there’s flour in the perming solution!) This technique was brought to us by Lynn, who is an expert at turning out beautifully permed hair.

Lynn Lim recommends flour perm for those perming hair for the first time
Lynn & Michael working on Shu An at the Vidal Sassoon show.

With this magic ingredient, this perm is able to help create volume, lifts hair up at the roots, yet is not damaging and is really easy to style.

Which is why this is the perm we recommend for first-timers, as it will quell their worries – the perm will not end up looking too curly or stiff, like how a digital perm might sometimes turn out, and creates a look that is very easily manageable for newbies. This perm lasts around 3 months.

And it’s also a perm that is very popular among guys, especially for those with flat, straight hair. As you can see, it can create pretty versatile looks!


The perm softens the hair, and creating volume at the crown will lengthen your face and might even have a slimming effect. Plus, the perm can last for at least 3 to 4 haircuts for guys.




Flour perm:

  • Great for short – medium length hair
  • Natural-looking or Korean-style waves
  • Creates volume by lifting hair up at the roots
  • Good for first-timers and guys
  • Lasts for 3 months or between 3-4 haircuts for guys

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