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At Hairloom, we have a team of very talented stylists, each with their own flair and style. But we understand that for new customers, it’s always hard to make a decision on which stylist to entrust your precious hair to. Who’s the best fit for your look? Who would understand your needs?

Finding a good hairstylist is almost like dating someone – but with even less information available to you than a typical dating profile, it seems like trial-and-error or word-of-mouth are the only way to go about it.

So the aim of this column is to minimize the amount of risk you’re taking on in this process of picking the right stylist! (But, if you’re still deciding if you need to make a switch from your current stylist, we’ve already done a post on how to know if your stylist is right for you.)

Picking the right stylist for you at Hairloom

Now that you’ve already decided that Hairloom is the right salon for you, here’s the fun part: picking the right stylist to go on this exciting journey with. In the first part of this series, we naturally start with the one whose passion began it all.


Calvin Gan, our creative director and hair maestro. He’s the leader of the pack, and Hairloom is his baby and his brainchild; every bit of the salon is infused with his DNA and his passion for the craft of hair styling. And Calvin makes sure that under his careful tutelage, every stylist is able to do what he does – just with their own style, creativity and personality. But with more than 15 years of experience under his belt, Calvin definitely still leads in skill, talent and passion.

What really sets him apart is Calvin’s intuitive touch when it comes to what works for each individual. He’s more than just a hair stylist – he’s an image consultant. He makes you look at hair in a different light, and see that it’s a complete part of your look, your identity and your own personal style.

Attuned to fashion and style, he will be able to advise you on looks that best suit your wardrobe, and even how to enhance the way you do your make-up so you can look your best. (He’s trained as a make-up artist too!)

He’s right for you if:

– You’ve been struggling to define or see what your ideal style could be

– You need someone to further sculpt and enhance your existing style

– You need a makeover or a change, and want him to reimagine your current look

– You want to surprise yourself with just how good you can look!


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