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First off, asking yourself this question could already be a sign that he or she might not be your ideal hairstylist. So we’ve come up with a list of things that can help you affirm your choice – and celebrate the person who helps to make you look good every day!

Attachment to your hairstylist is a very real thing. Having your hair cut puts you in a place of vulnerability – sitting in that chair, at the mercy of this person wielding a pair of scissors. When it goes well – it’s all good. You’re relieved it looks good, there’s no damage done. And so you feel safe and secure with this person and don’t ever want to leave.  And that’s great!

But sometimes you leave with a niggling feeling of doubt – or find yourself hesitating when it’s time to go back again. Here’s a checklist that can help you figure out if you should stick with your current hairdresser, or perhaps start looking out for a better one.

6 Signs that your hair stylist is the right one for you:

1. When he gives you his creative suggestions based on your specified needs, instead of following it to a T in order to ‘please’ you. He might not be following your suggestions explicitly, but is instead interpreting it professionally into a look that fits you, your personality, dressing and lifestyle.

Neither does he brush off what you want without thought. e.g. – bangs, by saying you don’t have the ‘right’ face shape for it. In reality, under the right hands, we believe all you need is the right attitude to rock any look!

2. When he takes the time to explain what he’s doing. Of course, sometimes when a rapport is built up, they may skip this. But the underlying assumption is that you should not feel insecure about what they are doing to your hair! i.e. by chopping off 2 inches of your fringe when you’ve explicitly told them not to.

3. When he works with you to come up with a solution that fits your budget

You should always leave the salon with a smile!

4. When he’s open and caring about your post-salon concerns, e.g. maintaining the look.

5. They don’t make you feel bad about (insert hair problem here), like tactlessly pointing out your dandruff problem, or how dry your hair is etc, and basically making you feel ashamed at the state of your hair. Whether it really is that bad or not is beside the point – as a service-oriented industry, hairstylists (beauticians, manicurists etc.) should never make you feel bad about yourself – we believe it’s unethical to use shaming as a sales tactic, even if that may seem to be the norm sometimes!

Most importantly: The results please and surprise you consistently. The look wins you compliments. They make you feel beautiful/handsome and all-round desirable!



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