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5 Reasons Why A Great Haircut is Worth its Price Tag

1. Your haircut can make or break your look. A great haircut is one that complements your lifestyle and personal sense of style so that ¬†even on a casual, dressed down day, an in-shape, well-formed haircut will make sure you don’t look too sloppy. So for those who are lazy to dress up or to slap on some make-up from time to time – yet are still marginally appearance-conscious, investing in a great hair cut will be worth every penny!

2. You get what you pay for. Any creative stylist worth his salt – and price tag – spends that time creating that look, just for you. It’s a culmination of his/her experience, expertise, skills, training and creative vision. Once you put that into perspective, you really are paying for what you get. (And of course, once is all it takes to test this out – if you feel you aren’t paying a fair price as a consumer, then the power lies in your hands to make a different choice the next time round!)

3. Quality, not quantity. Price-war salons ($2.95 for a haircut?) are interested in getting as many heads in their salon as possible. Would you trust someone who’s hurrying over your hair, and is possibly seeing his nth client for the day? A stylist who is hard-pressed for time and energy would probably not give you the best look possible. You don’t want a perfunctory stylist! You’ll feel the difference right away when your stylist is taking his time and paying you the attention you deserve.

4. A true relationship with your stylist is priceless. The dollar value you pay current equates to more value-for-money over time once your stylist really gets to know you and your hair; you develop a relationship where you can both create a look you are pleased with more consistently.

5. See it as an investment in your look and your appearance. No it’s not shallow, or superficial – in fact, spending time to get to know your style – including getting a stylist who knows you – and investing in such services and products for your appearance will help you save over time. That’s because you will start seeing more clearly what suits you, and what doesn’t, and you can make better and more astute purchasing decisions as you go along. You will also be less likely to follow trends and make impulse purchases/decisions that won’t serve you and your overall look well.

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