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Ash brown and ash grey hair are some of our most regularly requested hair colours. But what exactly is ash?

Ash actually refers to the pigment, or the character of a certain color, rather than how light or dark the shad is. Ash hair colors are cool-toned, with a predominantly blue pigment and hints of green that create the overall colour. This creates an overall smoky and silvery appearance. All ash hair colours are crisp, with a sleek, cool appearance – they are not vibrant or bright.

Why ash hair tones are so popular

Ash hair colours can transform your look! For those who want to get rid of or soften the warmer tones in their existing hair colours – such as brassy, yellow or orange tones – which will bring back shine to the overall look as well.

It’s also a popular choice for those who want a more muted, subtle effect than attention-grabbing pastel colours. 

Who can wear ash colours?

Those with cooler skin tones look especially good with ash hair. Check your skin tones by looking at the veins in your wrist under natural light – are they blue or purple (as opposed to green or greenish blue)? Does your skin have a pink, red or blue tinge?

What are some popular ashy colours?

Two really flattering ash tones are ash brown and ash grey, that work for Asian skin tones. It looks especially beautiful using the balayage technique, which allows different shades of ash brown/grey to be blended seamlessly into the hair.

Just by looking at the colour chart, you can compare the (many!) different shades of brown. Comparing the cool toned browns to the warmer browns will show you just how varied the colour brown can be.

Wondering if you are suited for ashy tones? Call us today for a free consultation!

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