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In our Self-Love series, we explore all hair types and help you to embrace the hair you have. What’s your hair type? We’ve covered curly hair, long hair & frizzy hair in our series so far! 


Whether it’s genetic hair loss, hormonal or stress-related, thinning hair is often a concern that’s voiced by our clients when they walk through our doors.

There are a few reasons why you might have thinning hair:

  1. Stress. First off, if it’s stress-related, nothing that comes out of a bottle can fix it permanently or be able to tackle the root cause. Life can be stressful, and as we all know, stress can affect many aspects of our lives, including our physical bodies. So be kind to yourself! We know that thinning hair will probably cause you to stress out even more, but try your best to take your mind off it, and to relax. Your body will respond in kind over time.
  2. Genetic or hormonal. Hormone changes during pregnancy, menopause, or other major biological transitions in your life may cause your hair to change its texture and thickness. Then there’s also a hereditary condition that’s also genetic, which is called androgenetic alopecia: Typically, each time a normal hair follicle is shed, it is replaced by hair that is equal in size. But in women with female-pattern hair loss, the new hair is finer and thinner – a more miniaturized version of itself, Rogers says. The hair follicles are shrinking and eventually they quit growing altogether.”WebMD
  3. Hair damage. Hair is weakened through lots of chemical processes and breaks easily, from lack of care. Which is why it’s really important to look into taking proper care of your hair, especially if you’re a fan of perming or colouring your hair, starting right now!

How to care for your thinning hair

It all starts with having the right shampoo and conditioner. Our chemical expert Fern recommends volumizing shampoo and deep cleansing shampoo, and a conditioner which is not too heavy or oily. These have the effect of keeping hair and scalp clean, while not allowing oil to weigh your hair down.

Hairloom recommends 3 vertical-2

A shampoo like 1 Exence Vital Shampoo is great for thinning hair, while the 2 Goldwell True Color conditioner works great as it’s not heavy or greasy. For a volumizing boost to your hair, we recommend the 3 Goldwell Double Boost Root Lift Spray, as well as 4 Redken Control Addict 28.

Recommended hair styles and lengths for your fine hair

It’s best to keep your hair shorter, from short to medium hair lengths – of course, it also depends on your face shape. Here’s what Fern recommends:

“In general, medium hair length would be able to suit most face shapes.To give more volume to medium length hair, I also recommend a C-curl on the ends. For short hair, you could do a perm on the crown instead to give more lift.”

These are some of the styles that might suit your hair type:IMG_0853



For more advice on thinning hair, and our recommended hair products, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 6295 2088 to speak to our friendly stylists any time!

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