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In our Self-Love series, we’re all about embracing your natural hair-type and learning how to take the best care of it. Don’t miss out on our previous posts on long hair & frizzy hair

Ladies with natural curls and waves here, this post is all about you. Many women do long for glossy, straight hair – which is why techniques like Japanese rebonding even came about. But curly and wavy hair are beautiful too – again, it often comes down to knowing what’s the best look for your face shape and your lifestyle, and learning how to best manage it in the climate you find yourself in.

Understanding curly hair

“What makes my hair curly anyway?”

What actually determines your hair texture is the shape of the hair follicle itself. That, and humidity. A follicle is the part of your skin is where hair grows out from. Curly hair follicles are shaped like an elongated oval, and grows out at a sharp angle.

This image below illustrates how hair follicles of different hair types look:


Curly hair issues

  • Curly hair tends to be drier because it’s easier for the natural oils secreted by your scalp to travel down straighter hair than dry hair. As a result, curly hair lacks moisture as the oils that seals in moisture is lacking from the hair shaft.
  • Humidity attacks! Curly hair shaft is also more porous, meaning that it is better able to absorb moisture from the air. So even when you’ve straightened it with a straightener, or had a good blow dry, in very humid conditions without the right hair products, your curly hair becomes frizzier and hard to manage.

Our stylist Reno weighs in on how you can make sure your curls are shiny and bouncy every day.

How to take care of curly hair

  • Wash your hair daily. In Singapore’s humid weather, it’s advisable to wash your hair every day to combat frizziness. Afterwards, towel dry before using an Argan oil leave-in (1 Shiseido Hair Care Caviar Essence) is a great option: it treats and repairs hair without leaving it feeling too oily and heavy.

Hairloom recommends 3 vertical-2


  • Accentuate those curls. When drying your hair, apply hair product that helps with bounce, (2 Goldwell Twist Around 3 Goldwell Glamour Whip) then twist hair with your fingers, or use a diffuser when blowdrying your hair. When twisting your hair, make sure that you are twisting in the same direction for both sides of your hair (e.g. all inwards towards your chin, or all outwards).  Afterwards, use a little soft wax on hair ends just to create texture (4 Redken Water Wax 03 5 Goldwell Curl Love)

Hairloom recommends 3 vertical


  • Control frizziness. Use hair serum or other hair products to tame those ends and add some shine to your hair (6 Goldwell Satin Guard).
  • Don’t skip the blow-dry. When you have curly hair, it’s recommended to not skip the blowdrying step. But remember to do it well! This can control frizziness and also help you to maintain your look longer throughout the day.

Some hair styles for women with curly hair

  • Suitable hair lengths. Honestly, curly hair is suited for any hair length – but it has to be layered a little, which gives curly hair more texture. It’ll also become lighter and as a result, a lot more manageable and easy to maintain.

  • Go for a perm. If you’d like a look that’s a little bit more restrained, or to rein in your curls a little, our stylist Reno recommends body rebonding (straightened, but not flat) hair from hair roots to mid length, then perming the ends for a C-curl effect. This look is suited for hair that’s above shoulder-length. The great thing about this look that it’s very easily achieved on ladies with hair that already has a bit of a wave or curl in them! Even when it grows out, this will look good and is easy to maintain, even when you skip the blowdrying step.

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