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In this weekly column, Hairloom stylists answer your hair FAQs. Have a question of your own? Drop us a comment here or reach us on Facebook.

We all love that feeling right after we’ve had a great hair cut and a fabulous blow dry. Hair styles perfectly in place, we feel amazing – and we want to recreate that feeling every day. But should we really?

Here’s what Hairloom experts have to say:

Of course, as stylists, we recommend taking that little bit more time and effort to perfect your hairstyle before you step out of the door. True to the VS philosophy, we make that easy for you by designing styles that are easily manageable and can be recreated at home with minimal fuss: blowdrying, and some wax to shape your hair, if necessary.

But here’s a disclaimer for the truly committed: intense blow drying of hair daily – like with the blow dryers we use in the salon – will take away the moisture of your hair. Luckily, this can be minimized by applying heat-protection hair products before subjecting your hair to the dryer.

Heat Protection Protecting Hair Products Davines L'oreal

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If you’re looking for a good middle ground, you can still do it daily, but use low heat to blow dry hair instead. The cuticles of your hair strands will be more organized, which will still help you to give off that shiny I-just-visited-Hairloom effect.

But of course it cannot be compared to salon-style intense blow drying – the high heat organizes your cuticles for a far longer time and with a shinier finish – which is what gives you that impeccable¬†paparazzi-ready ‘do.

So balance out the odds. Go for a big blow out when you’re appearing at an event or that big night out with your girls, and keep it on low for an everyday, low-maintenance do.

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