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This week’s question seems like a no-brainer.  But you might be surprised – contrary to popular belief, bleaching does not have to equal irreparable damage to the hair. In fact, we no longer call it ‘bleaching’ – we now call it lightening instead, because with the great improvement in hair lightening technology, the process no longer comes with all the associated negative connotations that bleaching has. That’s right – no strong, overwhelming smell and intense dehydration.

And that’s great news, especially for those who love to experiment with crazy colours – gentler product means that the vibrancy and intensity of the colour will shine through, as the hair doesn’t get dried out, dulled or become brittle in the process.

(In case you’re wondering, we use the product Goldwell Silk Lift. We find that it’s really gentle on hair, as it lightens and conditions at the same time.)

Which is why, according to Hairloom stylists, the damage is not inevitable.

Still, under unskilled hands, there might be some damage if applied incorrectly. Preserving the quality of the hair comes down to:

1. the skill of the chemical technician

2. the amount of product used

Minimizing damage is all about timing. Years of experience and training allow Hairloom technicians to accurately gauge the amount of time necessary to achieve the desired effect. Depending on the shade of blonde desired – from golden yellow to pure platinum, and how thick your hair shaft is, lightening can take anywhere from 30 mins to – yeah, 6 hours – especially if you’re thinking of getting a hair show-standard platinum.

And yes, it will hurt there might be some slight irritation on your scalp – some itching, or reddening, but the degree of it depends on the individual’s scalp sensitivity. Lightening processes will no longer hurt or burn your scalp – at least not at Hairloom, as the product is way gentler than what was available even a few short years before. A scalp that has been exposed to repeated dyeing attempts is more immune to the effects of the chemical too.

After lightening, it is essential to undergo a hair treatment to lock in moisture. Scalp treatments are also vital to keep your hair and scalp healthy in the long run. Using a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioning the hair daily is also recommended!

This post was last updated on 15th April 2014.

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