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After cut & color, hair products and styling, most girls (and guys) often miss out on a crucial step – scalp and hair care. Maybe because we don’t actually see our scalp that often, it’s easy to neglect it. In our opinion, getting treatments should be as regular as getting that manicure/pedicure or facial, because the scalp is an environment that supports your precious hair, and is important if you want your hair to look its best. Just remember: the condition of your scalp reflects the condition of your hair.

Some quick facts about your scalp:

Your scalp skin renews itself every 28 days allowing healthy ones to emerge. Factors like cold climatic conditions, low humidity, and certain hair products can interfere with the renewing process causing cells to pile up leading to the formation of flakes. These flakes block the secretion of sebum, further leading to dryness. (source)

What does scalp/hair treatment do for me?

First off, that depends on the condition of your scalp. Luckily, at Hairloom we’re equipped with a scalp scanner, and all stylists are trained to analyze your scalp to recommend suitable treatments and products to protect and nourish your scalp.

For those with dry scalp and dehydrated hair, we recommend a hair treatment we adore that originates from Japan.

The hair treatment products contain hyaluronic acid, which is actually naturally occurring in our bodies, and is now popularly used in skin care. (Check the labels on your moisturizers and you might see some HA in the ingredient list.) HA strengthens hair and adds moisture – and effects can last for up to a month!

If you’ve ever dyed your hair, though, the chemicals in the scalp treatment products will fade your dye. In this case, we would recommend a single protein and moisture every three weeks – which we usually leave in for 5 minutes before washing off.

So the next time you come by, just ask – and we’ll be happy to report on the state of your scalp!

*(Image used in post: Dove Advertisement – Hair by Hairloom)

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