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1. Pastel Pixies

The dip dyeing trend you’ve been seeing? Still in, but we will be seeing more of it being interpreted it in a gentler way – fewer harsh lines, more gradients, softer colors that will make you think of My Little Pony. Instead of strong & solid colors, pastels and lighter tones will be on display. It’s all very pretty but no less edgy.

2. Structure


In line with the more subtle mood of 2013, edginess will not necessarily mean shaved heads, undercuts or asymmetrical looks. Instead, it will be all about the structure we talked about previously in our VS post. Structure that allows you to retain the look even as your hair grows out, keeping you sleek and stylish longer. Architectural looks, lines and shapes will dominate – and you will never look dated. More low-maintenance, it’s an evergreen trend that evolves to suit our ever-busy lifestyles.

3. Tying the knot

Marchesa The Row Hair Trends Hairloom
From Left: Marchesa, The Row

For ladies with long hair, keeping it flowy and loose – while a perennial favorite – may take a back seat what with all the interesting ways to secure your hair in place seen on the runways. While the top knot is still commonly seen, the new look for Spring 2013 shifts the knot down lower to the nape of the neck. Then there are braids and low ponytails that convey a more hippie, cool-girl look. Keeping it unfussy and a little undone will ensure that these looks stay more daily-casual and wearable.

pictures from here.

Hair Trends 2013 Hairloom
From left: Marni, Valentino

4. Healthy Shiny Hair

Amidst all the dyeing, perming, blowing – one thing that has been neglected is the glowy shine and there will be an emphasis on that now more than ever. Products will hit the shelves promising you healthy, lively looking hair – helping you to stand out amongst all the people who have forgotten to pamper their tired tresses stressed out from chemical damage. Lush hair won’t have to only belong to princesses – everyone can get them now with some attention and dedication! (Stay tuned for future Hairloom recommendations!)

Kate Middleton Luscious Locks
Kate Middleton and her ever-luscious locks

5. Being YOU

For us at Hairloom, being yourself will always, always be on trend. So while trends can be fun to follow, remember: if it’s not entirely you, then it’s a no go!

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