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In October this year, Calvin and stylists Peter & Reno took full advantage of being in London for the Goldwell Colorzoom Competition to attend Vidal Sassoon classes. Calvin took a masterclass – and has returned from his trip fresh with inspiration.

This time round, he is newly inspired by the concept of ‘Invisible Disconnect’ – ask him during your next appointment, he’ll tell you about it for sure! – which is about creating structure through shapes, volume without unnecessary thinning of the hair, while still retaining movement, fluidity and lightness.

[superquote]Abstract explanation alert! Here’s the theory:[/superquote]

The concept of ‘Invisibility’ comes in because of the subtlety involved – it isn’t about obvious, harsh lines, but hidden, expert cuts – and ‘Disconnect’ refers to a kind of movement and airiness that escapes detection unless taken apart and explained.

Vidal Sassoon London
Vidal Sassoon London

“It is through art, and through art only, that we can realise our perfection.” – Oscar Wilde

The Vidal Sassoon philosophy has always been inspired by architecture, shapes, lines, proportions and dimensions. Sassoon took his inspiration from the world around him – and geometric shapes have always formed the basis of hair design.

Vidal Sasson master class Hairloom
Clean lines and geometric shapes in the Vidal Sasson Head Office

And that’s Calvin’s approach to his craft as well. Constructing shapes and lines that flow cohesively in accordance with the shape of each individual’s crown is essential to an amazing haircut –  and this shows in every precise snip of his scissors.

It’s not just about replicating a fixed look or style – think bobs or pixie cuts – but rather one that is tailored individually just for you.

Calvin with Director of Vidal Sassoon
Calvin with the Director of Vidal Sassoon

Calvin says: “What I like about the VS philosophy is that it doesn’t tell you what are the hairstyles to cut and fixed set looks, but rather teach you a set of techniques that you can freely use by using your imagination and creativity.”

So it’s prime time for you to experience this for yourself – remember, ask him about Invisible Disconnect and watch as he applies those techniques to your next hair cut!

VS masterclass London Hairloom
Vidal Sassoon masterclass – completed!

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