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Super exciting news at Hairloom!

Well, we gave it away in the title, but yes it’s worth repeating one more time: we’re going to London as a finalist in the Goldwell ColorZoom competitionNew Talent category! Kudos to Reno and his outstanding work – we couldn’t be more proud of him.

Here he is looking so proud. (click on post title to read more)

The guy behind is utterly delighted as well, you can totally tell.

[superquote]The look was inspired by vibrant birds of paradise. Juxtaposing hard lines with softer, flowing ones, as well as using fresh brilliant hues, he sought to evoke the dynamic energy of birds in mid-flight, with wings extended and colors on full display. The overall effect melds the liberating sensation of flight with the brightness of summer.[/superquote]
Check out all the entries on the Goldwell Facebook page.

We’ll be sharing our adventures here and via Instagram, so be sure to check back regularly!

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