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Over the years of working with artiste Rui En on her hair, we’ve had the opportunity to create many wonderful hairstyles for the talented artiste. From the red carpet, to press conferences, magazine shoots and fashion editorials, Rui En’s hair has been styled in a myriad of ways. And while her personal style has evolved and grown alongside her career, there are certain looks that never fail to bring out her beauty and strong personality.

Here are some of the classic looks that she likes, that happen to be some of our favourite looks too!

1. Sleek hair

Rui En often likes sleek hair that’s slicked back – either with a sleek center parting, sides or back. The rest of her hair can be played with in various ways – it’s an altogether strong and elegant look that draws attention to her features.

Rui En Hype Records Artiste

Rui En and Calvin Gan

Rui En Calvin Gan


Rui En


Rui En Calvin Gan

2. Ponytail

One of Rui En’s favourite hairstyles is having her hair gathered back into a clean and thick pony tail, usually high, with her long mane behind her.

Rui En




3. Glamourous

An assymmetrical look where her hair is side-swept, with Hollywood finger waves. This is a truly glamourous look, that Rui En carries off with grace and elegance.

Rui En Calvin Gan Li Rong Sam Ong







4. Windswept

This is a more relaxed look that the artiste also looks great in – her hair is loose and careless, with a soft flow to it.

Rui En

5. Sharp-edged bob

And when Rui En’s hair is on the shorter side, it’s usually a sharp-edged bob that she carries with style.

Rui En



6. Loose bun

With her hair swept away from her face, sometimes it’s gathered up into a loose bun. A clean, simple and classic look that keeps all the focus on her glowing visage!

Rui En


Which are some of your favourite Rui En looks?

We believe that everyone has a look that can bring out the beauty and glamour in them. Find out what’s yours by booking a consultation with our stylists now – you deserve to shine every single day!

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