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Are you dealing with damaged hair? Do you want to restore your hair back to its healthy state? We often see a lot of our clients coming in to repair their over-stressed, over-processed hair. After spending time testing and researching the best that’s available in the market, we’re now offering a new and improved intensive treatment at Hairloom.

The Hair Treatment that Singaporeans Need

This treatment is for you if you have dry, damaged, brittle, or lacklustre hair. For many of us in Singapore, our weather is often a contributing factor to the state of our hair. For example, many people tend to chemically process or use heating tools on their hair in order to combat humidity-induced frizziness. This often damages the hair in the long-term.

Our latest intensive hair treatment replenishes lost keratin and interlocks them using a patented technology, and then seals up the hair cuticle. As a result, hair becomes strong, shiny, silky and hydrated. 

This hair treatment boasts an ability to repair hair strength up to 140%. It also contains a Nobel Prize-winning ingredient – Fullerene – which is touted as the ‘world’s strongest anti-oxidant’, that is able to fight aging and humidity. 

The Five-Step Process

The five step process rebuilds hair from the inside out, infusing the hair shaft with 6 different forms of Keratin and nutrients. Here are the steps:

Step 1:

Hair is prepared – the outer layer (the cuticle) is softened in order to allow all the nutrients to penetrate the hair shaft. 

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Step 2:

This is the foundational step, where Keratin and a form of amino acid (Gemini type) is applied. When absorbed by the hair shaft, the hair becomes stronger, softer to the touch, increases hydration, and suppresses hair cuticle lift-up.

Step 3:

Hair core is built up by applying a kind of Keratin that matches the molecular weight of Keratin found naturally within human hair (90 – 200). This helps to repair bonds, providing an amazing moisturizing and restorative result. 

Step 4:

A product that contains 4 types of different molecular weight Keratins is applied, in order to repair damage, restore shine, smoothness, and the long-term durability and strength of the hair.

Step 5:

This step, containing ingredients 18MEA, Ceramide 2 and Fullerene, replenishes oil to the hair layer, and involves a form of oil (18MEA) that easily absorbs into the hair shaft. Did you know that 80% of all natural oils in the hair core is Ceramide 2? By applying it to the hair, it enables hair to retain moisture, and develops a protective layer on the hair surface.

Looking for the best hair treatment in Singapore? We believe you can find it here at Hairloom! Prices vary according to hair length. Have a question? Come by to talk to us, or make your appointment now! 

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