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At first glance, it seems as though both produce the same results. Straight, silky hair that’s easily managed. Both require the use of heat – either from a hair dryer or a flat iron during the process to achieve smooth, flowing locks. But they are not the same – here are the key differences and how to decide which one is more suitable for you.

Keratin treatment & rebonding in Singapore – what’s the difference?

We’ll focus exclusively on the difference between Keratin treatment and rebonding, which are both available at Hairloom. Know that salons in Singapore may use different processes and products to achieve the same result, some with better quality than others. Remember, you can always ask your stylist if you want to find out more about the products they are using on you!

Rebonding in Singapore is a popular choice as our hot and humid weather often causes hair to become frizzy and hard to manage. So what does it entail? In brief, rebonding is exactly what it sounds like: changing the structural bonds of the hair, whereas the structure of the hair is not changed at the internal level when it comes to Keratin treatment. During the process of rebonding, the structure of the hair is chemically broken down in order to form new bonds – the hair shaft is completely altered and rearranged into straight hair. 

During Keratin treatment, hair bonds remain the same. Only the outer layer – the cuticle – is changed, and nutrients are infused into the hair shaft to strengthen existing bonds. During pre-treatment, the cuticle is ‘lifted up’ through removing surface buildup in order to allow the treatment to penetrate the hair. A layer of Keratin is added onto each hair shaft, penetrating the hair cuticle, strengthening keratin bonds from within. This helps to repair damage and smoothens the hair shaft at the same time. However, hair remains structurally the same.

Rebonding lasts longer than Keratin treatment

Because Keratin treatment only involves the outer layer, its effects fade after a period of time, meaning that straightened hair will soon slowly start to reveal any natural waves or curls. How long this process takes will depend on hair type as well as the quality of the Keratin treatment.

Rebonding tends to last longer, and the appearance of the hair is only drastically changed if there is a lot of hair regrowth and the roots become longer than the rebonded portions. Rebonded hair stays straight throughout, as the hair structure has already been permanently altered.

To decide which one works better for you, it ultimately depends on your hair texture, and cost concerns. It’s always better to seek expert opinion before deciding on one or the other, because everyone’s hair texture and needs are unique! Now, you’re empowered to make an informed decision. Feel free to reach out to us for a consultation at any time, or make an appointment to visit us! 

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