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You may have noticed us posting about SPOP SING! recently, and that’s because we are honored to be the official hair sponsor of this talent search for young singers and performers. The journey began earlier this year in April, and we were with the participants and hosts all the way to the grand finale on November 4th.

Hairloom is always proud to support talented artistes and would-be artistes on the path of their dreams.

Behind the scenes at the SPOP SING! Finals

It’s no exception this time around, as it has been a great and energizing experience to be around so many talented youths. It’s also always heartening and inspiring to be a part of platforms like SPOP SING! where youths can shine and display their talents. 

We learnt so much from them, and they are a great reminder that one must always practice and work hard to achieve one’s dreams.  

The whole program was a great success, and it was fun to be able to go along for the ride! For highlights of SPOP SING! and to get a glimpse of their on-stage looks, go to

(Featured photo credit: SPOP Sing! / Toggle)

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