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If you’ve been to our salon recently, you may have also noticed that we have upgraded some of the tools we use around the salon. One of them is the all-important hairdryer. 

The hairdryer is the tool we reach for after your relaxing hair washing experience, and a great one does its job without over-drying the hair and damaging it in the process. 

Typically, hair dryers found in salons are a lot more powerful, but that also means the power and intensity of the heat can also be harmful for the hair if used excessively or improperly by the stylist (holding the nozzle too close to the head, for example.) Worst-case scenario: frizzy, dry, brittle and dull hair. 

At Hairloom, we care about every single step of the salon experience, and we are constantly looking out for ways to improve it. So when we heard about the Dyson Supersonic, we jumped at the chance to upgrade. 

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryers we use now promise ‘intelligent heat control’, meaning that it has a sensor inside that measures the heat of the air to keep it from ever getting too hot. It also pushes out a lot of air at an incredible rate, which helps to dry hair more quickly than a conventional hair dryer. 

Finally, the quieter system it uses also allows us to carry on a conversation, unlike the older ones that typically creates a blast of noise, along with heated air. 

The next time you visit, let us know if you notice any difference, or whether you like this new hair dryer we have in our salon! We’re also open to suggestions for any other improvements you’d like to see. You can rest assured that we’re on a constant mission to improve your experience with us. 

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