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It looks like the bold hair colours are here to stay, and we’re all for it! It’s always a beautiful way for people to express their personalities, and nothing makes us stylists happier than seeing satisfied customers walk out the door with hair of all hues. 

At the same time, having colored hair also draws attention to the health of your hair. Is it glossy, shiny, and smooth? Or does it look dry and overly processed? We know what you’re thinking: it sounds like a lot of work to keep it looking pristine all the time. But it doesn’t have to be.

Here are 3 tips for keeping coloured hair healthy:

1 Use the right hair products

Start with the right hair products – choose a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner that’s designed for coloured hair. Purple shampoo works well on hair that’s cool toned. Also remember to wash your hair properly – shampoo at least twice to get the excess oil, hair styling products and debris out, and massage your scalp so that it stimulates healthy hair growth. You may want to invest in a scalp shampoo too – our mantra: healthy scalp is healthy hair.

2 Invest in a hair treatment that really works

We’re not going to lie, having coloured hair does involve a high level of commitment, and part of it is financial. For it to pay off, following our advice to a T is all you have to do. With a good hair treatment, you will be able to see a high quality of color, and improvement to the hair texture and longevity of your desired colour. The reconstructing treatment (or Olaplex) treatment is one that we strongly recommend. Getting it done before any chemical process really helps to protect the structural integrity of the hair, strengthening hair bonds and locking in moisture. This treatment has won the favour and trust of many of our clientele. 

3 Using a product that does double duty

Color Butter is a great example of a hair product that both conditions hair AND keeps your hair colour looking salon-fresh. Comb it through your hair, and leave it on for at least 20 minutes – your colour will be touched up, and the hair shaft thickened and infused with a subtle shine. Color Butter boasts all natural ingredients like cupuacu butter and castor oil – moisturizing agents that infuse into your hair shaft, strengthening it in the process. 

Having healthy hair starts at the salon – we take the utmost care during every step of the coloring process, and we will only recommend going only as far as your hair can handle, especially if lightening is involved. We take into consideration many factors, for example, your original hair texture and whether it has been chemically processed when suggesting looks and colors that could work on you. All of this will go towards creating looks that you love, that will last for months to come! 

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