This year’s Summer 2016 hair trend will put you into a soft, romantic mood, thanks to the lovely, rose pink hue. Depending on how you wear it, it can also add a lot of spunk and attitude too! From Korean artistes (Girl’s Generation Taeyeon) to American celebrities (Tori Spelling, Elle Fanning), this versatile colour – also known as dusky rose, pink blonde, ash pink – works on every skin tone and hair length. Girl’s Generation Taeyeon Of course, a good stylist will be able to customize this hair trend to suit your look – depending on your skin tone, you can opt for an ashy, dusky rose, or something brighter and warmer. Opt for highlights, under lights, or choose to go all out – the pink can be added in many ways to help you stand out! Other than simply standing out, did you know that pink hair comes with its own perks too?

Benefits of Summer 2016 Hair Trend

(All looks below were created by Hairloom stylists.) Hairloom Pink Rose Summer 2016 Hair Trend
  • Pink hair will help reflect light, brightening your face and adds a glow to your complexion.
Hairloom Pink Rose Summer 2016 Hair Trend
  • Just a little bit goes a long way – as it’s a bright colour, even just having some well-placed highlights will make a big impact. You can be as subtle or as bold as you wish. This is where the skill of your colourist or hair stylist will come in – it takes skill, training and a good eye to determine how well the colour is blended and applied.
Hairloom Pink Rose Summer 2016 Hair Trend
  • The colour still looks beautiful when it fades naturally over time. When it’s time to go back to the salon for a touch up, you can also choose to add complementary hues like purple and blue if you want to change up your look. An ashy, grey tone will create a more subtle feel that you can wear for at least the next 2 months without worrying about how it looks as your roots grow out.
Hairloom Pink Rose Summer 2016 Hair Trend
  • Pink is still a strong and passionate colour, without being as stimulating as red. In colour psychology, pink is seen as a ‘non-threatening’ colour. Wearing pink will help others respond to you in a more compassionate, caring way. So why not wear this colour on your hair?
Hairloom Pink Rose Summer 2016 Hair Trend
  • Caring for pink hair (or any coloured hair) is simple – invest in a good quality purple shampoo, to prevent the blondes from becoming brassy and to retain your colour for longer. Use a hair mask once a week, and use hair serum after blow drying, especially on your hair ends. Go for a treatment every 6 – 8 weeks for optimal hair condition.
Hairloom Pink Rose Summer 2016 Hair Trend Hairloom Pink Rose Summer 2016 Hair Trend Want to add some pink into your locks? If you’re wondering whether your hair will require bleaching, check out our handy guide here. Our stylists will be sure to blend a look that works just for you – no two of our customers ever walk out looking the same because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach here! So even if it’s a trend – you can look absolutely unique wearing it.
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