Thank you so much everyone for taking part! Your entries have been inspiring and illuminating. We hope you enjoy your prizes, designed by the lovely Wit x Folly ladies. And because we love your entries so much, the 12 runners-up are entitled to an exclusive 20% discount off all hair services*. Make your appointment with us when you come down to Hairloom to collect your prizes! *Appointments to be made for the period of 1 March 2015 – 1 May 2015. With stylists & leading stylists only. Top 3:
  • @sandyysand (Sandy Sze)
  • @ngxj (Jasmine)
  • @lightxfeet (Grace Lee)
Runners-up: hairloom_oscar_rgb   Facebook:
  • Yvette Lee
  • @bananachin
  • @janet_lim88
  • @hweelingp
hairloom_chanel_rgb   Facebook:
  • Cynthia Tseng
  • Sherine Ma
  • @sherilynk
  • @mercyfallout88
hairloom_maya2_rgb Facebook:
  • Dreams Ignite
  • Michelle Ang
  • Marcia Lee
  • @saccharina
You will be contacted directly via Facebook or Instagram depending on where you have submitted your entry. Thank you!
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