Here are the winners of our festive season giveaway! Thank you so much for supporting Hairloom and we hope you enjoy your prizes!

*Prizes must be collected personally by 17 January 2015. 

No.NameTelephone No.Prize
1Eleen Tan****6086Flat iron
2Mei Yin****4788Hair dryer
3Lady****1100Oway set + cup
4Sharon AngOway set + cup
5Pei Yu****0072Oway set + cup
6Lua Bee****0315Oway set + cup
7Hui Xin****6827Oway set + cup
8Sharon YeohOway set + cup
9Wang Ru****3031Oway set + cup
10Sharon cue****9213Oway set + cup
11Michelle****4982Oway set + cup
12Joel****4004GoldWell travel set
13Ericia****0900GoldWell travel set
14Wei Chyi****0647GoldWell travel set
15Pauline****4202GoldWell travel set
16Gabriel****7713GoldWell travel set
17Jenifer****6765GoldWell travel set
18Selina****6097GoldWell travel set
19Zan****0426GoldWell travel set
20Diamen****7602GoldWell travel set
21Shu Ying****9502GoldWell travel set
22Juliana****0896GoldWell travel set
23Corena****6507GoldWell travel set
24Xin Yun****9202GoldWell travel set
25Wei Ling****8392GoldWell travel set
26Yen Chi****8747GoldWell travel set
27P.K Leong****0139GoldWell travel set
28Michelle Goh****7663GoldWell travel set
29Joel Tan****7157GoldWell travel set
30Alice Yian****1581GoldWell travel set
31James Poh****5320GoldWell travel set
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