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Ask Hairloom: How do I change my look without doing something too drastic?

As we write this, Chinese New Year is just around the corner (just three weeks to go!) and it’s all been a flurry of activity at Hairloom as we tend to your hair and make sure it’s in tip-top form for the upcoming festivities. While many of you have requested for a change or update in your look, many have expressed concerns about having something too bold. And we understand that it’s because many of you are professional ladies, and that not all workplaces are liberal with dress codes – some probably even frown upon bolder or louder ways of expression (think, a whole head of neon pink hair, perhaps?).

Yet we get that you still want to be able to express your individuality and personality. Which is why we want to tell you about how we can help you achieve this at Hairloom, by using a certain technique to colour your hair – the balayage technique. We’ve actually been using this technique for a while, (it’s a technique that has been around in the 80’s), but when we realized that many people still have the impression that colouring their hair means doing something really drastic (or boring – just plain brown), we thought we would share what colour can really do for you, and how subtle yet beautiful it can really be! So what’s this technique all about? The balayage technique is about coloring your hair in panels so that the colour can be ‘selectively revealed’. Depending on how you style your hair, you can let the safer, brown tones show, hiding the more adventurous tones, or vice versa: IMG_7696 Come the weekend, (or after work!) you can style your hair to let your bolder side show. Not only that, the overall effect is also a very dynamic, intriguing one – people won’t be able to resist taking a second look to try to figure out: “What is that hair colour?”. At first glance, it would look like a head of warm brown tones, but on closer look, all the different dimensions are revealed. With the balayage technique, the stylist applies colour onto your hair with a paddle, with utmost care and strategy, and using his or her creativity and discretion as to where the colours will go best. Our stylists have a great eye for placing colour such that it’s positioned for the best effect. And it’s especially sexy and alluring on curly hair! Natural looking, yet still unique and gorgeous: IMG_7697 While you can do this with more adventurous colours (purple, pink, green), we also use the balayage technique for different shades of brown. Mixing different shades of brown creates a gorgeous head of healthy looking hair, with the benefit of making your skin look more radiant in the process, especially for Asian complexions. This can also be achieved on all hair lengths. IMG_7695 IMG_7691 IMG_7690 As well as different styles, whether curly, straight or wavy: What Is Balayage Technique What Is Balayage Technique At Hairloom, we design your look in a cohesive way – and we are very finicky about how it all comes together for you: design, cut, and colour in one beautiful result. Our stylists will recommend the best overall look to suit your personal style and skin tone. So if you’re looking for a change, why not come down and give colour a try today? More examples of balayage (updated 2 Feb, 2015):

Platinum Violet Brown balayage:





Hazel Brown Balayage:

IMG_7891 IMG_7892

Warm Violet Brown Balayage:

IMG_7895 IMG_7894

Lime Ash Balayage:


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