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Terence Lai 2

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Leading stylist Terence Lai has more than 8 years of experience under his belt. In this time, he has won over a following that admires him for his sense of style, down-to-earth sensibilities and a unique way of bringing to life his hair creations. Of all the stylists at Hairloom, Terence most enjoys the one-on-one nature of consulting with clients who sit in his chair, and loves to take the time to talk to them about their hair needs. He fully appreciates their trust in his abilities and that’s when his talents shine through!

Terence Lai 3


Terence is the right stylist for you if:

  • You want someone chatty yet professional – Terence is easy going and will brighten up your day with his friendliness and curiosity
  • You want someone with a unique vision
  • You are daring and would like to try new things – Terence is adventurous and would love to be the one to guide you through a bold change
  • You want someone with an eye for subtlety – especially when it comes to color, he has a light touch and knows just the right amount to make your hair stand out, yet not be too overwhelming

Take a look at some of Terence’s work:

Terence Lai

Goldwell Colorzoom Competition 2011 Terence

Terence Goldwell Colorzoom Competition


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