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We’re almost halfway into 2015 and several popular hair trends have popped up on our radar. While we relish the challenge of creating new looks from scratch, we’ve also enjoyed recreating trendy looks on our savvy customers. So in true-to-Hairloom style, we put our own spin on these trends, before sending them out the door to dazzle others with their gorgeous locks! Here are Hairloom’s Top 5 Hair Trends of 2015:

1. Granny grey / Grey Hair


Actually a cool platinum tone, we reinterpreted this granny grey trend by keeping the roots deep and dark to create a 3-D effect on our customer Woei Wong. This achieves three different tones of platinum grey that creates an arresting and interesting effect (and won’t actually age you at all!) Deterred by the term granny grey? Try thinking of it instead as Silver Fox – instantly sexy!



2. Purple (or other Cool Tones) to Platinum / Platinum Melt

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 10.15.00 PM(Venetia, one of our hair ambassadors, with her signature purple hair.)

Ombre has been around for awhile now, and we don’t think it’ll be going away anytime soon. As a trend that has been evolving since its early incarnation in 2013-2014, there are just more ways to play around with the technique, and one of these is keeping the roots dark, or bright and vibrant, then fading it away into a pale, cool platinum tone – it works well the other way around too! Appealingly called the platinum melt, this look is ultra cool and will definitely turn heads.

9ba84ca5de6f83d3e0a2ba8cf66649e1(image from

3. The Perfect Shade of Brown

This trend caters especially to Asian skin tones; we first wrote about it in a previous post last year, and since then this natural brown hair trend from Korea has only grown stronger. Although brown may sound boring or bland, it’s a hue that’s actually really underrated and when done well, could do wonders for your overall look. The perfect shade of brown can enhance your skin tone and make you look more radiant and refreshed. Not convinced? Trust us, we have ways of mixing in other colours with the balayage technique, so that depending on what light you’re standing in, it looks different from every angle!

Seen below on our hair ambassador Ace, who’s sporting a brown-violet do. Read more about her experience here.



4. Braids (Yes, even on boys)


Braids have always been a go-to for girls with long hair, but they can look really good on shorter hair as well. The best part about braids is its flexibility: it can be a casual everyday look, or dressed up for a formal evening look. They’re fun and versatile and can be played with in so many different ways – worn around the crown of your head, or even woven upside down (from the nape of your neck up). Seen on Chase (above) and Bonnie (below), our Hairloom artistes.



5. Show that shoulder


Shoulder grazing looks are sexy and wearable. Perfect for our tropical weather, mid-length hair is also easier to manage and keeps hair healthy, thanks to regular trimming of hair ends. This look can be seen on so many celebrities currently – think Jessica Alba – who look fresh and radiant with this hair length. Seen on Jien above, one half of Wit x Folly.

2838E5E600000578-0-image-a-115_1430534663162We can’t wait to see what else the rest of 2015 brings – keep checking back for more hair updates!  Want to try some of these looks out? Our stylists are always happy to offer you a free hair consultation – drop by and say hi


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