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Ask Hairloom: Long Hair to Short – Should I Take the Leap?

In this weekly column, Hairloom stylists weigh in on hair FAQs. 

Thinking of getting your hair cut? Like, really short?  You’re not alone. In fact, Rihanna just went short. Miley Cyrus did it recently. Emma Watson’s determined to keep it short forever.

For the 99.99% of us who are not world-famous celebrities, it’s still totally doable too. Short hair – with the right cut – is a chic look that is both stylish and practical especially in Singapore’s hot climes. And we are glad many of our customers have trusted us to take them to the land of short (or much shorter) hair. We have a lot of experience in guiding our customers through the process, and really, there’s nothing to fear.

But if you’re still a little jittery about taking the plunge? Here is what Calvin has to say to help you ease into it:

“I will advise professionally and encourage her what will short hair be like.

Should she decide not to I will give her a medium hair length – and she can slowly adapt to it. And if she really can’t take it it’s also faster to grow back.”

In other words, you don’t have to immediately go pixie short – you may suffer from a shock at your suddenly-short locks and reject it from the outset.  Instead, go for the middle road and just aim for shorter. Take time to ease into the look.

And if there are any regrets or changes of heart – no problem: it won’t take much time before it’s back to your preferred length!

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