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Whether square, diamond, round, or oval (lucky you!) – you can sparkle in every hair cut, as long as it’s cut to suit you.

At Hairloom, we recognize that each and every one of you is unique – so naturally, the shape of your face would be too.

This week, we tackle one of the FAQs we get at Hairloom.

Rebecca asked on Hairloom FB: “What kind of hairstyles suit a diamond-shaped face? I’ve been searching for many ideas online but can’t find any to my liking sadly.

Thanks for your question Rebecca!

Calvin Gan, creative director, tackles this question:

For diamond-shaped faces in general, I would recommend a more asymmetric hairstyle to divert attention from the angles of the face; the differential lengths serve to create a more eye-catching and dynamic look. Cutting a full and soft fringe can also create volume above the cheek, which would soften down the features.

And we completely understand the frustration about trying to find good reference pictures for possible haircuts. We’ve all been there, searching online for references before heading to the salon – looking out for eye-catching styles and cuts etc.

But what we would like to put out there is, even if you find a cut you like, it may turn out completely different on you – sometimes because of inexpert skills, or mostly because of a simple fact: your head is just shaped differently from the model.

Plus, in this digital age, the picture might even have been completely digitally retouched so the effect produced in the salon may not match up to those standards.

That’s why it would still be best to find a stylist you trust who can take a look at your facial features in person, and who will then be in a much better position to recommend a look professionally. You’re always welcome to come in for a consultation with us!


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