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Balayage hair colouring burst onto the scene last year as a huge trend, and it doesn’t look like its popularity will wane anytime soon. And it’s not hard to understand why. As a technique, balayage is actually a French word for ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’, and it allows for a natural-looking, softer hair colour that looks well-blended and dynamic. Even as hair grows and the roots starts showing, it still looks natural, with less obvious regrowth. It’s more bang for your buck, with your hair colour looking better for longer.

From browns to to cool hues, the balayage technique also makes any hair colour look great on anyone. Here’s some of our work, done by our very own Hairloom stylists:


A warm brown balayage with an alluring sweep of purple, hidden in the inner layers.

brown balayage hairloom salon


Brown with warm tones of honey and cinnamon.

brown balayage hairloom salon


A cool balayage blend of purple and titanium grey.

purple grey balayage hairloom salon


An ashy grey and platinum balayage.

ash grey balayage hairloom salon


A warm brown balayage with blonde and touches of cherry red at the roots.


blonde balayage


Touches of purple and cherry pink brushed into a warm brown base.

brown red balayage


Beautiful blonde balayage.

blonde balayage


A dynamic brown balayage that’s multi-dimensional, warm and very natural looking.

brown balayage hairloom salon



An ombre balayage that flows and is very flattering:

brown blonde balayage dip dye hairloom salon


Colours playing peekaboo in this classy, refined and subtle layering of colours at the hair ends.

grey red balayage hairloom salon


When you want to go full-on rainbow.

rainbow balayage roz pho hairloom salon


For full-bodied, lively and luscious locks, balayage does wonders to achieve this effect. It looks especially appealing on long hair that you want to add character to.

brown balayage willabelle

Loving these balayage looks? As a technique that requires a lot of experience and skill to get it right, only trust an expert to work on your hair. At Hairloom, our stylists, chemical expert and technical assistants have worked with hundreds of customers, and we’re confident that we will be able to achieve the right blend of colours just for you!

P.S: keep a look out for the incoming hair trend – hair strobing – and we’ll be showing you some of these looks soon. Can’t wait to try it out? Call us now at 6295 2088 to make an appointment for a hair consultation today! We’ll be able to tell you which colours are just right for you, and customize a look perfect that’s for you and your lifestyle. 

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