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At Hairloom, everything that matters to us revolves around family, our craft, and expressing our creativity.

In 2016, after the past few years where we focused on showing you our best work, we are now bringing the focus back to family. We have felt a strong pull back to our roots, and to continually come back to why Hairloom even came to be – and why you are an important part of our story.

Hairloom’s roots

Hairloom was started in 2008 by creative director Calvin Gan, who after years of working in salons elsewhere, wanted to pursue his dream of having a salon that would focus simply on bringing beauty to people’s lives and a passion for the craft.


It would also be a place where the team could work together like family – with teamwork, generosity and openness. At the time, there was no other salon in Singapore where a team of stylists prized skill-sharing and helping each other improve their skills. There was no existing culture of sharing and exchanging hair techniques with each other.

But Calvin had a vision. He saw an opportunity to create a completely different environment, that would only result in a better outcome for everyone at the end of the day – a better haircut and experience for you as a customer, and a spirit of self-improvement and teamwork for the stylists.

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Which is why at Hairloom, everyone is encouraged to help each other improve. It is an ingrained part of our culture. Each stylist is personally trained in the techniques and knowledge Calvin has learned over the years, and which he received overseas. He sees the craft of hairstyling as a precious heirloom to be passed on from hand to hand, so that they can benefit as many people as possible. Everyone who joins starts from scratch, even if they have years of experience elsewhere, ensuring that they all meet his rigorous standards. Calvin is meticulous in his training and ensures that everyone is growing and evolving in their skills, to cut at his level and to eventually surpass him.

We focus on giving you our best


Something we’re proud of is that every single product, treatment and service we recommend to you have been rigorously tried and tested by our team. Which is why we don’t just carry one brand – even turning down rewards and incentives offered by brands to do so – because it’s not just about our bottomline. We have to genuinely love something in order to even consider selling it to you. This will never change.

What has been changing though, is the continual influx of trends, new technology, demands and lifestyle needs. We are always seeking to keep pace with the newest and best in the industry, going for trade shows all over the world to bring back the best to you.

Thank you for your trust all these years

For your loyalty and support, we could not be more grateful, and we definitely don’t take it for granted! For the whole month of April, we are giving a 20% off all hair services at Hairloom. April will be a special month for us too as we will be closed from 23rd – 29th April to upgrade our skills. Our team will be receiving training and we’ll be sharing some of these moments with you, so do check back on our social media! So we do hope you’ll bear with us if we can’t deliver a cut during that week.

Call us now at 6295 2088 to book an appointment today, to claim your 20% off gift!

All photos by Ace Chia.

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