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Do you use the flat iron? Did you know you can use it to curl your hair too? If this all new to you – then look no further – let us show you how easy flat iron styling really is!

Hair is such a fun thing to play with – there are just so many styling possibilities. In fact, so many of us stylists started out testing our budding skills on friends and family, really just playing with their hair – braiding it, tying it up or even doing DIY dye jobs, before we became full-fledged stylists. And luckily, this fun aspect of it never went away, not even during the sometimes grueling physical aspect of our day-to-day work. And what makes it even more enjoyable is when we find a truly good tool to help us with our jobs – and one of them is the GlamPalm Styler (or flat iron).

We’ve mentioned before that we are enamoured by Glam Palm – first and foremost for its ease of use. It glides on hair so easily, smoothly, and produces stunning results that’s easily replicable for home use. Here, we’ve made a little video showing you just how fast and easy it is to produce great results for yourself at home!

[vsw id=”111704673″ source=”vimeo” width=”300″ height=”240″ autoplay=”no”]


For more tips, like this handy heat guide below, visit The GlamPalm is available for purchase in-salon. Call us at 62952088 or walk-in for more information!

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