We’re particular about the products we carry.

That said, when we do find something that we like, we’re not afraid to recommend it to our clients, because we are assured of its quality. We will update this page intermittently with the products that have caught our eye. glampalm Glam Palm What we like about it:  Peter, our creative stylist, used it recently and was blown away by how well it handled: it was smooth on hair, didn’t pull or cause breakage. That’s apparently due to a patented ‘Healing Stone Technology’ – a ceramic coating that emits negative ions, helping to smooth the cuticle layer of the hair, minimizing damage to hair’s keratin, and ensuring smooth, shiny hair. He’s convinced that this is the best flat iron he’s ever used so far – and our customers agree! If you’re an avid user of flat irons, then you might want to consider Glam Palm. Taking care of your hair is important, and so is buying quality products. For more information, click on over to their websiteRetailing at $260. Call us at 62952088 to find out more.