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Erin, right before the makeover

Just like our first Facebook winner Joy, Erin wanted to retain her long hair, as well as her curls. Two weeks prior to her trip to Hairloom, she had only recently gone to the salon to curl her hair.


So Hairloom leading stylist Terence Lai decided to enhance her curls instead of any major change, by giving her a new spin on her locks with wilder, closer curls, using the flour perm technique. With her face shape, Terence thought she would look great with shorter hair, so he trimmed 4″ off for a more youthful look, yet still retaining her desired length.

The Final Result:






The colors he used are ash brown and red copper, to complement her skin tone. Freshly curled and colored, Erin now rocks this glamourous look with sass.

Erin with our leading stylist, Terence Lai



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