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So you’ve got those party invitations. You’re ready for a fun night out. But now, that all important question – what to do with your hair?

1. Accessorize

Soirees are basically the only excuse to go all out sparkly or elaborate with your hair. We recommend something that can draw compliments – but still stay classy and chic. Some options:

Hair combs 

How very 90’s – or mumsy – but it doesn’t have to be! Kelly Osbourne rocked those combs in an unconventional way:

(Source: Refinery29)

With her lavender locks pulled up into a chic top knot, the studs added an extra dose of edginess to temper her sweet look. Perfect to make a statement. Get them here on Etsy.

Tip: To avoid looking too bridal or dated, avoid the pearls, and anything white and/or sparkly.

Bejeweled headbands

Make a (regal) statement. Now’s not the time for small or understated – instead of the usual blinged out necklace or earrings, why not an eye-catching headband?


(Source: Topshop)

Go for the unconventional – like this crown to remind them who’s in charge! Keep the rest of your outfit simple and let your headpiece do all the talking.

(Source: ASOS) 


These can make great hair accessories outside of a wedding too – just tone down on the size and pick a colour to complement the holiday season.

(Source: ASOS)
2. Keep it sleek.

Looking for something more fuss-free? Then try a low ponytail. Keeps the hair out of your face (and your friends’!) when you’re on the dance floor, but helps you look effortlessly chic and put together at the same time. To keep it from looking too prim, try tugging on your hair to loosen some it from the elastic, to create a done/undone look that’s all the rage at the moment.

Make sure to use an elastic to match the color of your hair – for this look, you want the style to stand out, and not necessarily the accessory. It’s all about looking low-key and relaxed, yet still put-together here.

3. It’s all about the volume.

Go big or go home. Don’t underestimate the power of a generous load of hairspray!

For girls with short crops, amp up the volume by using a peanut-size amount of hair wax to tease your hair into a quiff or a windswept look. Start from the back of your head and push your hair forward so you can create more volume on the top.


For those with longer manes, who can’t be bothered with your curling tongs or flat iron on a typical day? Then the holiday season is the perfect season to bust them out. Make a clean break from your everyday look by doing classic big curls for that extra dose of glam – 40’s style. A key fall ’13 trend, fluffiness and retro is the key here – keep the hair closest to your parting straight and sleek. Slick on a red lip and you’re good to go!

(Source: Hairstyle blog)


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