Classic short hairstyles for women are amazingly versatile and suitable for a wide range of face shapes, hair textures and personal style. Go edgy, androgynous, or soft and feminine – or all of the above, all at once.

The beauty of short hair is that a certain cut can be styled in different ways to convey different moods and looks.

Here are three classic short hairstyles that can be customized to look good for you:

1. Pixie Cut

The pixie – always relevant, always available for those moments you’re done with maintaining a full-length mane.

There are a multitude of ways a pixie cut can be interpreted by your stylist. Go all the way with side-swept, micro bangs, or longer bangs. 

When well-cut, a pixie can also grow out gracefully into a bob. In 2019, the pixie paired with an attention grabbing color is super relevant at the moment.

2. Choppy or tousled bob


There are actually many kinds of bobs, but generally, a bob is simply hair cut to a single length all around. 

Update this look in 2019 with some texture and choppiness. A tousled bob gives a beachy, laidback vibe.

3. Chin-grazing lob


Basically a long bob (thus: lob), pair this look with a center part, or with bangs. Opt for micro or baby bangs if you want to go a little more bold – this is the look that will be popular all year round n 2019, and flattering for most.

Trending this year is also the squared-off lob with thick, square bangs. Take the opportunity to show off those well-groomed brows of yours!

Contemplating a short hairstyle, but don’t know what you’re going for?

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Anytime you change your look, we believe it’s always good to know what it entails before making the switch!

Being prepared eliminates a lot of unnecessary anxiety, and helps you to embrace and enjoy your new look a lot more.

Here are some tips that may help you before you go under the scissors for your cute new look:

1. You may need to cut your hair more often

Many often opt for short hair because of the ease of washing, drying, and the fun ways you can style it. 

However, short hair does require more upkeep in terms of visits to the salon – every 6-8 weeks is ideal, while 10 weeks is the maximum, especially if your look is a short pixie that is a little more high maintenance. 

It’s important to factor that into your budget and your lifestyle when making a decision about the type of hairstyle you want. 

2. You’ll need to let your hair dry completely before going to bed


Bed head on short hair rarely results in a satisfying look in the mornings. Short hair can become bent in weird angles and become messy or flattened when you sleep on it before it has fully dried.

Unlike long hair, that can’t be camouflaged by tying your hair into a messy bun.

To avoid bad hair days, allow your hair to dry completely before going to bed.  Of course, you can always rescue it by spraying some water and blowdrying it again, but who has time for that in the mornings? 

3. You may need to change your hair drying routine


Are you used to blow drying your hair immediately after a shower?

Other than allowing your hair to dry completely before bed, it’s actually best to allow your hair to air dry at least 50% before using a hairdryer.

This helps prevent your hair from drying out and minimizes the chances of heat damage. (To really understand the importance of a good blow-dry, head on over to our recent post.) 

4. Invest in a small round brush


Small round brushes will be your best friend when drying short hair.

Its teeth are fine enough to grab even the shortest strands, allowing you to straighten your hair with ease while blow drying. You can also use it to create wavy or curly looks.

5. Despite popular belief, short hair is actually suitable for all face shapes

Yup, even if you have a round face, or any other face shape someone told you wasn’t suitable for short hair. Our stylists will be able to customize a style that will go perfectly with not only your face shape, but your hair texture and head shape too (none of us have perfectly rounded and symmetrical heads!).

Unfortunately, girls are often made to feel self-conscious about a whole lot of things, but hairstyles should never be one of them.

Especially when hair is all about having fun! You should never feel limited just because of misconceptions.

Short hair can often bring out your features, help you feel more confident, light and carefree.

Many girls often go for short hair and never look back again! You’ll be surprised by how versatile it is.

To find out what short hair suits you and your lifestyle the most, make an appointment with us today.

When it comes to Korean men’s hairstyles, Koreans are most innovative in terms of playing with texture, length and color. They don’t shy away from full-bodied hair textures and edgier looks.

You can also broadly categorize Korean men’s hairstyles into either very textured and tousled, or sleek, sharp and streamlined. There’s rarely a middle ground!

Keep in mind though, that most of these looks can be customized to suit your own sense of style and personality. Your hairstylist is key in making sure that you’re wearing your hairstyle, not the other way around.

Here are a few of the more wearable looks:


1. Two-Block Haircut

Sides and back are shaved or cut very short – basically an updated and more stylish version of the undercut. The crown is longer, creating a two-block effect. This look allows for versatility in how you want to style it. 

You can keep the fringe straight, slicked back, or curled. It’s popular for a reason: this look suits most guys’ face shapes and personal styles.

Suitable for: most hair types and textures

2. Riding the wave: Perms

Nope, perming your hair is not just for the ladies. The boys of K-Pop often show us the way when it comes to re-imagining men’s hairstyles. 

Medium length hair with a wavy perm is a popular look. This look is also easier than it seems to maintain and allows room for different ways of styling. Playing with texture is a great way of changing up classic hairstyles. 

Suitable for: those who want to add volume to thinning hair, or want to create a slimming effect.

3. Long Hair

You may be surprised at how you’re able to carry off long hair. Long hair doesn’t have to be messy or fussy – in fact, it can be an easy way to maintain a sleek look. 

Suitable for: Anyone who’s willing to try it (and whose jobs allow them to!) – long hair is actually very versatile.

4. Faux Hawk

Shaved sides with longer hair on the crown – this doesn’t have to be an extreme look. What makes it a ‘faux’ hawk instead of a mohawk is the length of the hair on top. 

While few people can probably stomach the full mohawk, depending on how you style this, the faux hawk is a lot more wearable. 

Style it up for a night out; slick it back for a more professional look. 

4. Ways To Part

Playing with your parting, whether a side part or center part – is an easy way to update your Korean hairstyle. This side parted look is great for those with thinner hair – volume is creating with the quiff on the top, while the sides are slicked down.

Remember the 90’s center part trend? Well, it’s back now. Keep it looking fresh by pairing it with some colour. Granted, not everyone can wear blue hair to work, but you can consider adding color from highlights to browns to update this classic look.